Debra Byrne Bunjil Place Narre Warren

Let’s start with the two standing ovations shall we? That will set the scene nicely for what was an outstanding show.

An up close performance with Debra Byrne and Dion Hirini was just that.Debra’s casual barefoot approach was relaxed and inviting. You could’ve been forgiven for thinking you were inside her lounge room with a drink and listening to some classic songs and saying “Oh Yeah”, I remember this one as you quietly hummed along.

But, it was Bunjil Place Studio Narre Warren that provided the ambience for just 2 vocalists and one guitar. Yes, it was that simple and it worked so darn well.Something that also came across was the honest respect for both the artists and the audience. Debra was genuinely appreciative of those who’d taken the time to come along and be part of the performance. The crowds adoration on the other hand was also hard to ignore too.

So the song list, OK, let’s look at a few: Take It To The Limit, Leather and Lace, Time After Time, Mondo Rock’s State Of The Heart, some Steely Dan classics plus Write Myself A Letter, Walking After Midnight etc. All the songs were pure joy to listen to. And Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights was total emotion and delivered in a way that only an artist of Debra’s calibre could pull off, an entertainer who is one of the country’s finest all -rounders.

The guitar accompaniment from Dion, his solo vocals and harmonies were nothing short of outstanding too. Wow, this guy had more chords available than a venetian blind factory. A very polished musician indeed. His laid back demeanour was cool (really chilled) and there’s no denying Dion is an artist with seriously impeccable credentials.

It’s easy to see these two have shared the stage on many occasions, their connection was real. A very well produced show by Simon Myers along with the ambience of the Bunjil Place Studio beautifully enhanced the standout talent that was Debra Byrne and Dion Hirini. Thanks once again to Tracey Routledge from TR PR for the opportunity to review the show.So music lovers, I’m not giving it 10 out of 10! I’m settling on 11/10.

Rob Foenander
The Melbourne Observer
The Local Paper
Casey Radio 97.7FM

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