28 Oct 23

Indeed it was folks, a night of Carole & James albeit Nikki Nicholls and Steve Wade playing the lead roles.

The Eagle Ridge Golf Course Velvet Lounge were host to a sold out crowd who sang along, listened with interest to the back stories and just grooved out to those timeless classics.

These songs never seem to tire and with Nikki & Steve’s interpretations bringing them back to life once again, they thankfully live on, well certainly with the “mature audience” in attendance whose lives were enriched by the music Carole & James gave the world over a number of decades.

Nikki & Steve need no introduction to the local and international entertainment scene either. They are music icons themselves who have reached the top in their professions and worked alongside the biggest names both in Australia & internationally.

Ok Ok, if you’re new to it all, here’s a start, Nikki’s list of credentials include John Farnham, Kylie Minogue, Suzi Quatro and the list goes on. Get the picture?

Steve on the other hand also boasts an incredible resume that includes vocal stints with Little River Band, Jingle singer for Mike Brady, numerous Radio & TV engagements, award winning songwriter etc. Just ask uncle Google for more if needed on either. It’s all there and an interesting read.

Let’s not forget the band either behind Nikki & Steve. Again, a fabulous group of Australia’s finest who just keep delivering the goods with their incredible musicianship. I recommend you look them up too and check out their playing history.

Rick Petropoulos – Bass Guitar – Always wonderful work from a seasoned pro.

Fallon Williams iii – Drums – Sat there with a nice tight groove and no over doing things. Fab.

Harry Mullaney Keys – WOW… How good is this Guy and I understand he was a last minute call up on the night? Impressive work Harry.

Steve’s guitar work too was very tasteful and those iconic riffs brought you even closer to the songs of Carole & James.

If you’re after a night of nostalgia, timeless songs and interesting facts about the evenings repertoire then get along and see them. It’s a great show.

Rob Foenander – Music columnist

Melbourne Observer – Local Paper Network & Casey Radio 97.7fm

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