Yes folks, it’s a true story of loss, love and generosity that knows no boundaries.

Esric Jackson’s latest recording Second Generation is finally out!  Dedicated to his grand children, the brand new CD release is possibly the final from this renowned singer, entertainer and philanthropist. And it’s creating great interest amongst the community for all the right reasons.

Not only for it’s selection of songs, including duets with his late wife Sandra (RIP) but also his continued passion and desire to give so much back to the less fortunate and those community groups needing a helping hand. All CD sale proceeds are going to assist others. Sale price = $25.00 inc postage.

Let’s recap a little can we? Sandra’s death in 2018 was the catalyst for Esric to raise valuable funds in her memory and that’s exactly what he did. In this case it was the Pulmonary Fibrosis unit at Melbourne’s Alfred Hospital who were the beneficiary of over $22,000. Esric’s passion to see this take place was also fulfilling a promise Sandra had made to support the Hospital when she was under their care. An incredible outcome to say the least.

Back then the predominantly local and international Sri Lankan community banded together to put on a show that featured so many great artists and musicians whose love & respect for Sandra & Esric knew no bounds. They all responded donating their time and talent to the nights event.

But the story continues………………..

Let’s not forget too that Esric has had his very own serious health issues over the past few years. However, nothing can stop him it seems. He’s back on track, still singing and entertaining regularly. He also knows how to coordinate a great network of professionals who bring about positive results, both in a music sense and in his ability to get everyone singing off the same song sheet for the right outcomes.

Having a personal connection firstly as a close friend of Esric’s and secondly with my involvement in the post production of the Second Generation CD, I’ve been able to closely watch it evolving to finally holding it in my hands.

From co writing the tribute to his beloved Sandra in the first track – This Song’s Just For You and coordinating the CD printing and APRA obligations to then watching my wife Karen designing the beautiful CD cover, one of many she has done for the Jackson family and others artists, it’s been a great project to be involved in.

Local music & media identities too have also been a big part of the CD’s success. Stan & Tony Azzopardi, Cameron Colombege, Chris Mant, Johann Jayasinha,Trevine Rodrigo, Replay 6 & No Limit have all contributed their specialised expertise. Just check out the (featured) insert for more info.

So what’s the deal folks you might ask? Ok, so why not get yourself a copy? If you purchase one from me, the funds ($25.00) are all going to Casey Radio Station 97.7FM where I’ve been a presenter for over 10 years. Thus assisting the great work that the station does in getting the local message out there and importantly the music heard (Globally)

Or you can personally contact Esric and organise one directly. Remember your purchase is “making a difference” whichever way you choose.

What are you waiting for? It’s a great listening experience! Go forth and support Esric’s generosity. Don’t go fifth you’ll miss out on one! (Ha Ha)

Rob Foenander – Columnist Melbourne Observer – Local Paper Network – Casey Radio 97.7FM Presenter on The Monday Morning Mix. 

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