Judy Australia 1964

Photo supplied by SKUNKWORKS

Standing ovations were the order of the day at St Kilda’s National Theatre presentation of Judy Australia 1964. The three shows produced by SKUNKWORKS relived both the music and drama that Judy Garland created all those decades ago.

Nina Ferro’s lead role as Judy was the perfect choice for the intriguing two half presentation.

Her powerful voice effortlessly brought to life the timeless classics that were synonymous with the late electrifying entertainer and along with some impressive acting made the story come to life.

Matt Hetherington’s role as concert promoter Harry M Miller was equally outstanding. A well recognised and respected singer/actor in his own right, Matt’s narration and timely vocal contribution added an additional set of emotions and excitement to the show.

Let’s not forget a seven piece band featuring some seriously talented musicians all of whom were masterfully directed by Phillipa Blandford.

Whilst a lot of the audience mightn’t have been around or too young to remember, Judy Australia 1964 left them clearly understanding a controversial story that surrounded this concert tour. It made headlines around the world all those years ago.

Rob Foenander

Melbourne Observer – Local Paper Network – Casey Radio 97.7FM

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