BRIAN CADD in – Weekend at Brians

We can only wish it was a whole weekend of Brian Cadd and his songs, but regardless, the capacity crowd at Memo Music Hall St Kilda lapped up every minute of the two hour show on Sun 27 June.

What a gig and what a nostalgic trip down memory lane for the enthusiastic music lovers who put their recent Covid lockdown blues behind them, laughed, sang along and hung on every word that Caddy said. This was a moment to “Let Go” enjoy & remember.

The mega hits were all there too, Let Go, Arkansas Grass, Little Ray of Sunshine, Alvin Purple etc.

Caddy is the consummate professional who knows how to entertain his audience. He engages, involves and feeds off the adoration he gets back. Witty one liners along with the back stories to his hits also add to the interest of the songs, some that are still firmly entrentched in our memories and will never leave. That’s the work of a great song writer.

And what about the band? WOW – how good it was to see some of the trailblazers joining Caddy on stage.

From the Bootleg Family Band of the 70s – Tony Naylor and his famous Striped Strat played gritty yet melodic lead guitar showing no sign of slowing down. Tony’s inspirational solos would pass muster anytime.

Geoff Cox (Coxy) another “Bootlegger” – was as solid as a rock at the back on drums with great timing & control. He remained very quiet with not much to say in spite of a little friendly niggling from Caddy. Yeah I know, hard to believe hey?

The inclusion of Chris Stockley (Axiom) and another past band member mate also made his presence felt with some great guitar contributions along with Tony on the set list.

These guys too also need to be saluted for their contribution to the Australian music scene and who set a path for all the other bands who’ve followed since.

Talk about NOSTALGIA Ladies & Gents!

Of recent times, Paul Cartwright on bass has worked with Caddy for the past 20 years and is a very fine musician – already making his mark in other outfits too alongside some of the country’s great singers and entertainers.

Lisa Mio and Tracey Kingsman – these guest singers delivered a sweet dimension to the vocal dept on the night with impressive solos and harmonies worthy of note.

Pedal Steel – Wow, this blew me away. What an awesome addition and a fabulous sound from Shane Reilly that delivered a nice touch. Ahh Yes, I never tire of listening to “Let Go” and it’s subtle melodic pedal steel sound in the mix.

The encore which consisted of some timeless rock n roll covers inc. Mama Don’t Dance and others followed by the standing ovation said it all to a wonderful night’s entertainment.

The world has changed as we know it and well done to Memo Music Hall on pulling it off. Good Covid practices were in place, good sound (from where I was sitting) and a great ambience always makes you feel part of the show there.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen Caddy and won’t be the last. Maybe next time Brian, make it the whole weekend (LOL)

Rob Foenander
The Melbourne Observer
The Local Paper Network
Casey Radio 97.7FM “Monday Mix” 9-11am

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