The Dreamroom is a Dream Team made up of some of the Country’s finest musicians, songwriters and performers who all have seriously impressive music credentials to showcase.

Eric McCusker, Nikki Nicholls, Fallon Williams III and Rick Petropoulos between them have an extensive back catalogue of work that would sit perfectly in any list of a who’s who in the entertainment world. Go on, go google them for yourselves and if you’re not impressed let me know. Here’s a start

‘What the Moon Believes’

The recent exciting news is that, they’ve signed a worldwide distribution deal with renowned Australian Music icon Sebastian Chase and his  MGM (Metropolitan Groove Merchants) group for their album ‘What The Moon Believes’ released earlier in the year. It means both this and any future recordings will be streamed globally through MGM on all their available digital platforms. Talks are underway for the album to be available in record stores also.

So the album itself – WOW! This is where the DreamRooms’ Dream Team take things to another level. How many levels can you go? Well, let me tell you folks.

Firstly, the album is full of quality songs all written by the team and others, not restricted to any particular genre. There’s blues, there’s funk, rock, pop, latin, all masterfully created. Carefully designed engaging riffs and grooves just grab your attention immediately with a WTF factor (Wow That’s Fantastic). Varying tempos also add to the interest and engagement of the listener along with outstanding vocals by all members. If this isn’t radio friendly worthy then I don’t know what is.

The introduction of Sophia Petro (Ricks daughter) on Girl In Love is a welcome addition to the album and showcases a young talented artist already forging ahead with her music career. I’m advised that Sophia too has been signed to her own distribution deal so watch this space as they say.

And of course, try and catch them live and treat yourself to a listen. They’d welcome your support.

In the mean time you can buy the album here –

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