Tommy Emmanuel – Wrest Point Hobart

Let’s start this concert review with – SOLD OUT & STANDING OVATION.

It was classic Tommy, no holds barred & a total 2 hour – 100% continuous entertainment package.

To see him live again & marvel at his brilliance was priceless & well worth the flight to Tas. A wonderful treat from my wife Kaz I should note.

There’s really not much you can add to what is already a master performer just going about his business (with a genuine heart felt passion)

The showmanship along with the ability to effortly ease into the next masterpiece, whether an original composition or timeless classic can leave you speechless at what you just witnessed.

I observed musicians in the audience just shaking their heads in disbelief with many WTF ( Wow that’s Fantastic) moments & a grin from ear to ear.

So given the limited time each person had to talk with him in the meet & greet, I thought I’d come prepared with a few questions for my newspaper column & he obliged.

So Tommy, what’s one of your career highlights?

A: His children! (brilliant answer you’d agree?)

Q. Tommy is there anyone you’d still like to perform with?

A. They’re all dead!

Anyway, he did mention that Imagine by John Lennon was one of the greatest songs ever written.

Brother Phil (R I P) got a mention too and was also in the greatest category. (No denying that)

Sometimes your detailed research & questions don’t take you where you’d like but HEY – I was thankful & satisfied!!

Having watched countless Youtube gigs of Tommy’s & being blown away, it’s something else to see him right in front of you. To be in the same space & just a couple of rows away made it “UNFORGETTABLE” (and whilst he didn’t play that on the night, there’s no doubt he could easily smash it.)

Tommy & Support Artist Anthony Snape (What a talent he is!!) belting out April Sun In Cuba from Tommy’s old band Dragon.

Without getting too technical for the benefit of the varied readers here, let me just share one example with you. Tommy’s version of Guitar Boogie is brilliance personified. Then where he takes it with the inclusion of Stevie’s Blues is something else. But wait there’s more…….

He then proceeds to improvise in (what I’m sure) – every key on the fretboard. Folks, I’ve still to see something as incredible as that.

Feel free to check him out yourself & let me know if my above observations are wrong.

Long live the Master – Tommy Emmanuel (AM)

CGP (Certified Guitar Player)

Rob Foenander

Melbourne Observer

Local Paper Network

Casey Radio 97.7FM.

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