Mark Gardner – State Of Emergency EP.

State of Emergency Mark Gardner EP

Melbourne indie artist Mark Gardner will officially release his new 5 track EP – State of Emergency shortly. However, it’s already gaining positive momentum from the general public and community radio nationwide.

The EP has been in progress since 2019 and is part of a bigger plan Mark says. The strategy is to get more recognition locally, regionally and nationwide, not only for himself but also to emphasize the valuable input from the local musicians who worked on the project with him.

Chart success is being pursued too.Like many fellow artists, Mark has been a victim of the Covid 19 crisis with numerous gigs, income streams, festivals etc being blown out. “Focusing on live streaming, recording, writing and career changes like remote music teaching and technical support in the electronics area” is a plan to get back some lost income he points out.

The EP is a strong piece of original work and adds to the numerous other recordings Mark has completed over time. From the opening track “Happy” with its catchy melody, good brass and keys to the pleasant trumpet instrumental Autumnal that takes out the EP, the 5 track song list is an impressive part of a much bigger catalogue waiting to surface.There’s good listening too with Trouser Party, The Colour Of Money and Enough where the inclusion of slide guitar, Harmonica and acoustic guitar add a whole new dimension to the listening experience.

The theme is no doubt current and Mark adds – “ all the songs are very relevant right now as there is so much uncertainty, poverty , change and autonomy going on in the job world”. Additionally, good vocals and equally good production make it a worthwhile addition to anyone seeking to get behind something original and local! Check it out yourself and let him know your thoughts.

Rob Foenander
Melbourne Observer
The Local Paper
Casey Radio 97.7 FM

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