Rob Foenander with Eric McCusker

A real up close and personal show is probably the best way to describe this intimate event with Mondo Rock guitarist Eric McCusker.

The Ember Lounge at St Kilda’s Memo Music Hall provided the ideal setting and the near capacity crowd listened, laughed and sang away an extremely pleasant couple of hours.

Nothing it seemed was out of bounds with Eric. In fact, it was a warts and all delivery of growing up, family, music influences, the people he’s worked with, love and more.

Fascinating stuff indeed from one of Australia’s rock greats. Someone the late and much loved singer/ actor Jon English said should’ve been a superstar. Yes, I think that’s a fair call but you get the feeling that maybe it’s a title Eric’s not comfortable with.

On the music side, Eric took his audience on an interesting trip down memory lane with the stories behind the numerous hit songs he’s written “Come Said the Boy”, “State of the Heart”, “Chemistry”, “No Time”, “Summer of 81” ,“The Queen and Me” and more.

Add to this his inclusion on John Farnham’s 24 times platinum selling “Whispering Jack” album with “No-One Comes Close” and WOW….That’s big time folks!

Then to hear him sing these classic songs with just his telecaster, mic and amp was impressive, raw but real. The memorable choruses and riffs were all there. They transported you back to a time when great songs were the norm.

Rob Foenander
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