YOUNG TALENT TIME 50th Anniversary 2021

Young Talent Time

Well, who remembers this Australian must watch show from the 70s & 80s? That’s a stupid question, of course you do, come on, I’m sure you caught at least a few of the 800 plus episodes that aired between 1971-1988. Who wouldn’t remember the always youthful looking Johnny Young hosting a family friendly program that was the starting point for so many great artists.

Yes indeed and some whom we well know have gone on and conquered audiences all over the world. Did you have a favourite?

I even remember John choosing my Grandmas handmade crouched toilet roll holder one week as part of the segment where viewers would send lovely presents to the show. Boy were we big news in country Traralgon at the time. That was early 70s.

OK, so what’s new? Well, with the 50th YTT anniversary looming in 2021, former member Greg Poynton (1984 -1988 officially Greg says) along with Brett Leslie and Milton Hammon have created a Face book page that boasts over 2000 (legitimate) members.

Milton manages John Young’s archives while Brett’s background is in recovering and returning old music archival footage. What a perfect team it would seem. The content i.e. videos, photos and snippets are priceless. There’s probably enough material there to last another 50 years!.

Regardless, it all equates to a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Regretfully, the revisited format in 2012 as we all know was short lived and didn’t succeed.

Young Talent Time

Anyway back to the FB group. Former members too have jumped on board and contributed their precious memories to share. I don’t need to reel off names. Just join up on the link above and see for yourself. Relive some of those iconic moments. The dance routines, the songs, the costumes, hairstyles etc. WOW…. what a blast, it just goes on and on. We need something like this. It’s sure to bring a smile to your dial.

Rob Foenander
Melbourne Observer
The Local Paper
Casey Radio 97.7fm
(Photos courtesy of John Young & YTT 50th Facebook)

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