Remembering Cliff Foenander

A tribute to the late great entertainer
Cliff Foenander

10 Dec 1934 – 21 Nov 2000
(a short tribute by Rob Foenander)

watch in full screen for the best experience, please enjoy

Every year, on the anniversary of Cliff Foenander’s death, I try to do something to relive the memories of the great entertainer and the fantastic uncle that he was ….. a real inspiration to me, so I put together this video.

The soundtrack is from his last professional studio recording 1994.  The album …. ‘Second Chance’.  It was recorded not long after his first battle with lung cancer.  The recording was made possible by Paul Dhamaratne and featured some of Australia’s finest jazz musicians.

The song list was completely Cliff’s choice … music he had loved through-out his career and dreamed of recording one day!

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2 Responses to Remembering Cliff Foenander

  1. Doreen Weinman says:

    May he rest in peace. I always had tears in my eyes when he sang I did it my way. I know it was sung at his funeral and it was also sung at my husband Eric’s funeral who was also an Arethusa boy. Absolutely beautiful Rob he will be very proud of you. God bless you I still have the photos taken at the Arethusa get together that he was at shortly before he passed away.

  2. linda kingsway says:

    I too had tears in my eyes whenever Cliff Used to sing i did it my way. In 1979 i was cliffs girlfriend and at the Time he was Singing at the bridge Hotel in Dandenong. His last Song of the night would Always be that Song. The lights would be Turned Down low and he would leave the stage and Stand on a table to sing it. Rip cliff. I will never forget u

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